Hi, I’m Phillip. I have a Cand.IT in Games Analysis from the IT-University of Copenhagen and the last 14 years I have helped brands create compelling digital content.

I work in the intersection between social media, community management, content marketing, sponsorship activation, and I like to think of myself as someone who’s fluent in talking to, with and about customers in their own language.

The last 3+ years, I have been working with Denmark’s premier Esport teams, Astralis and North, where I have been running everything under the umbrella Social Media, Community Management, Content Creation and PR.

My background


In 2003 I wrote my first newspost for the now defunct XplayN.com – the largest Danish CounterStrike site. Since then, I have worked with some of the largest companies in eSport, including MYM, Fnatic and SteelSeries, for whom I ran an entire suite of social channels for well over three years.

2003-2006: Editor in Chief at XplayN.com
2007-2009: Editor in Chief at myMYM.com
2010-2011: Editor in Chieft at Fnatic.com
2010-2011: Editorial Content Creator at SteelSeries
2011-2015: Social Media and Community Manager at SteelSeries
2016: Social Media and Community Manager at Astralis
2017-2019: Digital Marketing Manager at North


In the mean time I’ve also taken both a bachelor and a masters degree at the IT-University of Copenhagen, focused on digital media and game analysis. If you’re interested in my Masters Thesis, which is an incredibly geeky look into how “indirect agency” influences player behaviour in Football Manager 2014 (yeah it's hella geeky, I know).

Looking for a freelancer?

I’m always up for a cup of coffee or a quick Skype call (Feel free to add me on ‘p.hedemark’), if you got something cool to talk about. For examples of my thought process and writing, check out my medium profile.

Else shoot me a tweet @PHedemark.